ORYZER Studio version 3.5 is now available!

A multi-purpose Flow-Based Programming platform for awesome .NET developers.

A product by Synthetic Intelligence Network

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About Oryzer Studio

We (at Synthetic Intelligence Network) built this flow-based programming platform for developers to enable them to leverage on latest FBP technology and minimize language-specific learning curves during development.

Faster Development

The simplistic user interface and rock-solid backend Syn Workspace framework enables developers to quickly prototype custom logic and see them in action.

Minimalistic Design

Oryzer Studio uses low system resources and is extremely fast in processing node connections and backend class contexts. Every node within Oryzer's workspace environment are live and active.

Well Documented

You will find everything in our Developer Network to get started with Oryzer Studio. You can start building logics using the dozens of pre-built node types.


Although Oryzer provides development environment for working with OSCOVA and VA Framework. You can build any type of custom Node sets to work with Oryzer Studio.